2018 – 2019

2019 is here! Wow. It’s that time of year where we look back and reflect on what we have done the last 365 days and what the next year is going to bring.

We at Kuddelmuddel feel 2018 has been a great travel year for us, we have spent time in The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Portugal. And of course we can’t forget the time we have spent exploring the beautiful country we call home, Canada.

What are your travel plans for this coming year?

My big trip plans for 2019 is a family reunion in New England in October. I am thinking of landing in Newark a few days early and then driving to Boston with my parents (@stefschmidt66) to meet up with our family who is coming from Germany. Then we are renting a house in Cape Cod for a week. Then we are switching things up and some of us will carry on in a motorhome back to New York and spending a few days in NYC. And the others may be heading back north to Canada to visit Montreal and the Maritime provinces.

Should be a great few weeks! I have not seen the Eastern foliage yet aside from in the air as we were landing in Montreal one autumn. They looked amazing even from the plane so I can not wait to see them up close. And not just for the insta pics, though I’m sure there will be plenty of those!

If you are from the area, or have visited, please send me your highlights and things that we can’t miss! Especially amazing restaurants, since my family’s main hobby is eating (and travel of course).

And who knows what else.. I may book something else last minute if I find a good deal!

Of course @stefschmidt66 is still in Europe for a few months. They are heading to Turkey soon after a bit more time exploring Spain. In Turkey they will be visiting Fethiye, a port city on the Turquoise Coast and Selçuk (ancient Ephesus). Stay tuned for the Postcards posts to keep up with their adventures.

Here’s the past ones from this trip in case you have missed some:

Postcards from Northern Germany

A Postcard From Hamburg

More Postcards From Northern Germany

Postcards from Andalusia – Malaga

Postcards from Andalusia – Granada

A Postcard From Sintra

Postcards from Portugal – Almada

A Postcard from Lisbon

Check out Kuddelmuddel Travel’s Instagram for our Best Nine of 2018. Follow us for your daily dose of travel inspiration.

Here’s a couple more of our favorite pictures that we couldn’t fit into our best nine.

Amsterdam – April 2018
Mount Robson, British Columbia – July 2018
Malaga – November 2018
Canmore – November 2018

9 thoughts on “2018 – 2019

  1. My partner and I plan on going somewhere at least slightly warmer this winter, and my bestie and I will be doing another surprise vacation in the spring! Looking forward to discovering some new places this year 🙂


      1. This year, we booked it through a company called Pack Up + Go (since then, I have found a few others and can send those companies over to you as well!). All of their trips are 3 days/2 nights and you tell them: what you want to spend, what you like to do, places you’ve been to recently/are going to soon, and whether you want to do a road trip or take a plane/bus. They book the hotel and airfare/train as well as book you some events (assuming it’s within budget) and give you plenty of other suggestions of things to do. They were great! They let you know the weather of where you’ll be ahead of time so you can pack, but you’re supposed to open your secret envelope with your destination when you get to the airport.

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      2. Highly recommend! The other surprise travel companies I’ve hear of are: The Vacation Hunt, Whisked Away, and Book it Box Travel. I haven’t tried the others (yet), but they all offer different things, so you might want to do some comparison shopping 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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